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Advanced Laser Imaging deliver 3D mapping of CCTV coverage with CCTVerify

A world leader in the use of laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques, Advanced Laser Imaging, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest product offering, CCTVerify.
CCTVerify quickly creates a highly accurate, completely immersive, 3D recording of your building or estate – no matter how complex – then measures and maps a 3D cone of view of every camera within a CCTV system, enabling the immediate identification of blind spots, areas of poor coverage, and cameras not fit for their task. CCTVerify can then be used to virtually test any planned remedial action prior to execution.
CCTVerify can also be used in the planning of completely new systems, enabling you to prove that the planned system meets your requirements in full, before you carry out installation. 
The fully navigable and measurable 3D environments created can be viewed and analysed at any time from any location, and are perfect for use as part of your monitoring system and also as a familiarisation tool.
The accuracy of the analysis provided by CCTVerify derives from Advanced Laser Imaging technology that has already been tried and tested in UK courts.
Paul Snudden, Advanced Laser Imaging’s Chief Executive, commented: “CCTVerify represents the latest application of our world-leading technology and we are confident that it has the potential to deliver significant benefits across a number of different fields, from the Security and Asset Management industries to Policing and the Criminal Justice System.”