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Accused registrar remains at large

A hospital registrar who remains at large on a manslaughter charge faces being struck off the medical register.

Vladan Visnjevac used “excessive force” in delivering a baby, a General Medical Council (GMC) fitness to practise panel recently decided.

Hollie Dinning suffered severe cranial trauma and died after Visnjevac tried four times to extract the baby using forceps.

The obstetric registrar was later arrested on suspicion of manslaughter but failed to answer police bail and is now believed to be in Bosnia.

Visnjevac was an obstetric registrar at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, on May 24 2002, the hearing was told.

Visnjevac made three unsuccessful attempts to effect a forceps delivery, removing and reapplying the instrument to the baby’s head.

The panel found that Visnjevac did not properly assess or record the level and position of the head before delivery, and at some stage used excessive force.

He was again found to have used excessive force when he successfully extracted the child on the fourth attempt.

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