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Accepta launch eco-friendly fogging system to control harmful bacteria and deadly viruses

Leading chemical technology specialist, Accepta, has revealed its brand new, eco-friendly fogging system, which can be used for high-quality room disinfection and infection control cleaning in environments where protection against harmful bacteria and deadly viruses is required.

The new fogging system allows technicians to disinfect large indoor areas quickly and easily – ideal for removing infection risk from ceilings, walls, floors and the air itself. Moreover the colourless fog is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-bleaching, making it safe to use where soft furnishings, carpets and electrical equipment are present. It is also odourless and colourless unlike many other chemical disinfectants on the market.

At the heart of the fogging system lies Accepta 8115, an environmentally responsible solution of hydrogen peroxide, stabilised using a specially formulated silver-based chemistry, which degrades into harmless water and oxygen when consumed. This makes it perfect for use in a variety of environments – care homes, hospitals, schools, cooling towers, food processing environments, pharmaceutical plants and more.

Accepta’s treatment produces micro-droplets of Accepta 8115, which float in the air for a maximum of 15 minutes after fogging – giving it time to kill airborne bacteria and viruses as well as those on surrounding surfaces. It covers hard to reach or inaccessible areas that conventional cleaning systems might miss, offering a comprehensive infection-killing solution. The state-of-the-art system can disinfect over 100m2 in just a few minutes, for efficient and environmentally friendly sterilisation of any room.

Independent testing has also shown Accepta 8115 to be an incredibly effective bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide. It will kill everything from MRSA to polio, salmonella to the norovirus. The multi-faceted approach makes Accepta 8115 unique, and positions it as a real contender to replace chlorine and chlorine dioxide as a continuous dose biocide.

Clive Harding, General Manager at Accepta, says, “Our fogging system utilises Accepta 8115, recognised as one of the world’s most powerful, non-toxic and environmentally sensitive disinfectants. The system offers excellent protection against harmful bacteria and viruses on surfaces in indoor spaces to give added peace-of-mind and extra protection. For example, a contaminated ward or room in the case of a hospital or care home, then a fogging application can be employed in both that area and the wider surrounds for added protection.

He adds, “Our versatile fogging system is very effective for indoor spaces of all shapes and sizes, but is particularly useful where downtime needs to be minimised or where contagious diseases spread very quickly such as hotels, schools, offices and other semi-closed communities. It can also be used to cleanse flood-affected buildings, once they have been fully cleared. We’re thrilled to have launched the new fogging system today – we believe it will really streamline operations and remove infection risk in a number of different industries.

Accepta works extensively in a number of industries, combining their world-class technical expertise with advanced treatment technologies to create a range of practical solutions like the new fogging system. Other specialist products include high performance disinfectants and biocides, chemical cleaners, speciality process chemicals for water and wastewater treatment, real-time analysis equipment and complete turn-key control systems.

For more information about room disinfection and infection control cleaning using fogging systems, visit the Accepta website: