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A penile stretching system for penile augmentation in patients with normal-sized penises

Michael Sohn
Department of Urology
St Markus Hospital
Frankfurt am Main

Up to now no published controlled trials on the efficiency of penile stretching systems for penile augmentation have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Numerous stretching systems are available on the internet. In view of the dubious results of surgery for penile augmentation, a new stretching device, developed in Germany, was tested in a prospective study at our institution. The Phallosan Stretchsystem consists of a modified condom urinal, which is put under tension in a belt system, worn for at least five hours per day.

Prospectively, 36 male volunteers with normal-sized penises interested in penile augmentation were included in a protocol. Twenty-four patients were evaluable for success after three and six months. Before, during and after six months of daily application of the device, patients answered a questionnaire with 20 questions concerning penile length, erection and sexual satisfaction. Penile length and diameter were measured and documented in the flaccid and “stretched” state.

Penile length significantly changed in the flaccid and stretched state, and change was more pronounced under stretched conditions (+1.8 cm). Fifteen men reported an improved quality of erection, and 13 men improved rigidity. Eighty percent were subjectively content with the results and prolonged the continuous use of the device outside the study. There was a significant correlation between length gain and duration of daily use.

Continuous use of a stretching device can produce penile length augmentation after six months. ­Measurements under “stretched” conditions coincide with subjective results. Further trials in patients with penile deformities (Peyronie’s disease) need to be carried out.