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10th Annual Spring Meeting On Cardiovascular Nursing

15 February, 2010  

Geneva, located at the heart of Europe, provides a fitting setting for the 10th Annual Spring Meeting of the European Society of Cardiology Council (ESC).

The meeting will highlight Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professionals (CCNAP), 12 – 13 March 2010, with its special theme: “Uniting to Improve Cardiovascular Practice”.

“Problems in cardiology are universal, but different countries have developed different ways of managing them. The purpose of the Spring meeting is to unite nurses and allied health professionals across the globe, enabling them to share best practice with the ultimate hope of raising standards of practice in cardiology,” said Professor Christi Deaton, Chairperson of the ESC Council on Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions.

In the true spirit of Geneva, she added, there is a real international flavour to this year’s meeting, with the congress offering simultaneous translation from English (the official language of the ESC) to French, German and Italian. “We’re hoping this facility will help us reach out to more delegates than ever before, particularly those who may not feel completely comfortable attending meetings entirely in English.”

Marcia Leventhal, a member of the Swiss Organising Committee of the Conference, added: “Once nurses have dipped their toe into the CCNAP meeting we’re confident they’ll enjoy the atmosphere of the congress and be truly hooked and choose to return next year.”

The Spring Meeting brings together a real mix of nurses and allied health professionals from a range of backgrounds, including those who work directly with patients and those who work at the sharp end of research. “The value is that it allows delegates to network and make connections. Health professionals working in direct patient care generate the questions that need to be answered by academics; while the academics have the opportunity to get research findings out to the wider community,” said Leventhal, adding the best tip she can offer any one attending is to bring plenty of business cards. “There’ll be opportunities to make contact with nurses and allied professionals, from all over the world, who share your interests and will be pleased to exchange ideas and experiences.”