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ESTRO 38: Targeting optimal care, together

ESTRO 38 will offer to us all, as professionals of oncology, the chance to share knowledge, practice and advances in the field, within the ever warm and dynamic environment of the ESTRO meetings.
‘Targeting optimal care, together’ will be the theme of ESTRO 38 and through these few, however impactful words, the Scientific and Organising Committees would like to put a spotlight on the multiprofessional and multidisciplinary aspect of our specialty. The theme also represents our strength: we are all working towards a common goal for improved patient outcomes, and this will be expressed throughout the scientific programme: 
  • Targeting: the concept is inherent to the radiation oncology specialty, and certainly well in line with the modern concept of precision medicine.
  • Optimal care: the value and the cost for radiotherapy are an inseparable part of the equation for optimal treatment. Although the clinical outcome of our patients is the priority in our daily practice, this cannot happen without common efforts to improve the access to treatment for all cancer patients.
  • Together: the radiation oncology community is a mosaic of various stakeholders: medical and scientific communities, industry, national societies as well as oncology organisations, institutes, patients and advocates. We all join forces.

Planned sessions 

The interdisciplinary component of the scientific programme will include sessions on the following topics:
  • Artificial Intelligence in radiation oncology: role and potential 
  • Radio-immunotherapy 
  • Adaptive radiotherapy (ART) guided by early response (adapting the adaptive!) 
  • Adaptive radiotherapy (ART): reactive or proactive? 
  • MR machines and treatment adaptation 
  • Clinical trials for particle therapy: which ones to run and how? 
  • The DNA damage response with radiotherapy 
  • Radiotherapy biomarkers: a confluence of imaging, genetics and pathology 
  • Cardiac substructures and toxicity 
  • Predictive models of toxicity and big data, big open issues 
  • The role of hypofractionation in current radiotherapy and its impact in planning radiotherapy services 
  • Palliation in radiotherapy – How much is enough? 
  • Are adolescents and young adults a specific patient population? 
  • Plan of the day. General gains of performing 
  • Re-irradiation for breast cancer 
  • Extreme hypofractionation in the treatment of localised prostate cancer 
  • Radiotherapy in bladder cancer: standard of care and future perspectives 
  • Which is the best technique for the delivery of APBI? 
  • From discovery to cure 
  • Dose painting – what is the reality? 
  • Inflammatory environmental factors and radiation response 
  • Functional imaging in radiotherapy: from biology to guidance 
  • Role of ablative treatments in oligometastatic disease.
With symposia, proffered papers sessions and debates, ESTRO 38 will offer ample opportunities to learn about cutting-edge research from leading scientists.
A strong educational platform will also feature worldwide experts who will give pre-meeting courses, teaching lectures, contouring workshops and multidisciplinary tumour boards during five days.
The Young Scientists’ Track has now become a not to be missed event within the congress with a one-day programme tailored to the young audience. Lectures, symposia and networking opportunities are on the agenda.
ESTRO’s annual congresses feature the largest exhibition in radiation oncology in Europe, with an increasing number of exhibitors year after year. Be there and get a chance to meet all the industry leaders show-casing the latest developments in the radiotherapy and oncology fields. 
Finally, I’m proud to be part of a society that places quality at the heart of all its scientific moves. The state of the art science presented by worldwide participants at the ESTRO annual congresses impresses me each year. Today I’m inviting you to take note of the abstract deadline: submit your work by 22 October 2018 and be part of this outstanding scientific programme.
We look forward to welcoming you in elegant and majestic Milan, where we hope you will join us to make ESTRO 38 a memorable event for the radiation oncology community.