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SPONSORED FEATURE: Tuscan hospitals benefit from CHP units

Dresser-Rand supplied several Guascor® CHP units to hospitals in Tuscany

Tuscania Lazio Region of Italy,

Tuscany Case Study,

Dresser-Rand Environmental


The opportunity

By nature, hospitals are high-energy consumers. The electricity powers the lighting and equipment of the facility; hot water for cleaning and other uses; steam for instrument sterilisation and cleaning; and cooling for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning systems.

Four new government-financed hospital centres were developed in the Tuscania commune in the Lazio Region of Italy. Located in Prato, Pistoia, Massa, and Luca, these hospitals have between 500 and 800 beds each. The construction company, EPC, is comprised of the two largest construction companies in the public sector of Italy – Astaly S.p.A and Pizzarotti S.p.A.

The solution

The project is expected to minimise energy costs in these four hospitals using combined heat and power (CHP) units with hot water recovery at 85°C.

For each of the hospitals of Pistoia, Lucca and Massa, Dresser-Rand delivered the CHP installation equipped with three Guascor® generator sets: an SFGLD360 model of 609 ekW/each and for the hospital in Prato, one SFGLD480 gen set, of 812 ekW, running at low emissions of 350mg/Nm3 of Nox in/40°m with a cooling tower. These gen sets will supply energy for 5500–6000 hours/year. Dresser-Rand will also provide standard and corrective maintenance for these installations.


  • Reduces energy costs by as much as 40%.
  • Produces power at lower rates than electric utilities.
  • Reduces peak electric energy costs and demand charges.
  • Recovers and turns the heat lost during power generation into usable thermal energy.
  • It is more economical compared to the separate purchase of electricity and heating fuel.
  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Flexible technology can be used to provide electricity, heating and cooling if required.

The company 

Dresser-Rand is among the largest suppliers of rotating equipment solutions worldwide. The company offers some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology platforms, products and services in distributed power generation for oil and gas, industrial, institutional and commercial clients and rural electrification programmers.

Our solutions include combined heat and power (CHP) systems, biogas-fuelled gen sets, and power generation plants. We are also developing new technologies that use fossil fuels and renewable energy resources more efficiently.

The company operates manufacturing facilities in the US,  Brazil, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Norway and India and maintains a network of 51 service and support centres (including seven engineering and R&D centres) covering more than 150 countries. Dresser-Rand has principal offices in Paris, France and Houston, Texas.