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SPONSORED FEATURE: Perfect combination: four-pass boiler with CHP unit

15 May, 2015  

Efficient system solution from Bosch for the Traunstein Hospital

Traunstein Hospital

The Traunstein Hospital is an academic teaching hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and a tertiary care hospital. As the largest house of the hospital group Kliniken Südbayern AG it ensures the medical care for the city of Traunstein and for the entire southern Chiemgau. The hospital has 518 beds in a total of 22 wards and two emergency wards. Several day care units and competence centres complete the diagnosis and treatment possibilities. Attached to the Traunstein Hospital is the rescue helicopter station “Christopher 14”.

The project

As part of the renovation of its central energy generation and sterile supply department, the Traunstein Hospital has decided on an efficient system solution from Bosch. The system consists of a four-pass boiler with combined heat and power unit (CHP) that are perfectly matched with each other. In the future, the system will provide part of the required electrical power and heat, as well as the required process steam for the hospital operation. The energy system is completed by intelligent Bosch control technology. The integrated remote technology, for example, facilitates the forward-looking monitoring of the CHP unit. The retrieval of relevant system data is performed by means of a protected web portal with commercially available devices. The same process is used when banking online using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

For energy intensive operations such as hospitals, the use of CHP units is especially profitable. The continuous, simultaneous power and heat demand ensures long operating times and thus substantially contributes to reduce electricity costs. The waste heat of the motor powered by natural gas is used for heating the building, DHW heating and for heating the helicopter platform of the hospital in the winter months. The snow- and ice-free helicopter landing pad ensures a rapid treatment for emergency patients.

In order to further increase the efficiency of the system the remaining flue gas heat of the CHP is used in the Traunstein Hospital for steam generation. For this purpose, the used UL-S steam boiler is equipped with a fourth pass where flue gases transfer heat to the water. The natural gas-powered firing covers peak loads. Downstream of the boiler a heat exchanger ensures that maximum heat is recovered from flue gases. The hospital benefits from an extremely economic, continuous steam supply for optimal sterilisation and hygiene.

In order to ensure maximum steam supply reliability, an additional UL-S steam boiler with heat maintenance is integrated. With the help of a built-in heating coil in the boiler end, the steam generator is kept warm at reduced pressure. This ensures significantly faster availability and increases the service life of the system due to a reduced number of cold starts. In addition, for boosting the heating an UT-L heating boiler is used. Modular boiler house components for heat recovery and water treatment complete the overall system. These perfectly matched components increase energy efficiency and ensure an operation with optimised service life.

The consultant engineers Ingenieurbüro Dickert undertook the conception and planning of this pioneering system. The plant construction company Auma-Tec performed the fitting and the installation of the energy system during ongoing operation without interrupting the supply.