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SPONSORED FEATURE: Beckman Coulter Haematology: helping labs

Wallace Coulter, one of Beckman Coulter’s founders, believed that science should serve humanity. And by patenting a principle that became the basis for all blood counting solutions, he achieved just that.

This drive to keep the science of haematology moving forward led to the development of Beckman Coulter’s new ‘Automated Intelligent Morphology’ (AIM), a multidimensional, high-definition flow cytometric technology that improves analysis of abnormal specimens. AIM is the only technology currently available that relies solely upon morphologic features to recognise cells.

Identifying abnormalities better and reaching new levels of detection and sensitivity through advanced technology all saves lab time, speeds results, increases lab capacities, and supports laboratory staff in improving health care. 

First pass accuracy

Labs of all sizes can benefit from Beckman Coulter’s exclusive AIM technology, which delivers performance, low review rates and first past accuracy in results reporting. This technology is incorporated into Beckman Coulter’s cellular analysis systems, including the Beckman Coulter UniCel DxH 800 and 600 Coulter Cellular Analysis Systems. By using the same technology, results are standardised and consistent across a range of facilities. These instruments use only five reagents for all analyses, including NRBC and reticulocytes, saving costs by reducing inventory management. 

Through the new UniCel DxH Series of connected haematology workcells*, labs can further streamline workflow, while benefitting from smart workload balancing and advanced analytics. Each Beckman Coulter workcell can comprise up to three UniCel DxH 800 modules and one UniCel DxH Slidemaker Stainer (the UniCel DxH 2401) to form scalable and customised workflow solutions. At peak performance, the UniCel DxH 2401 configuration is capable of analysing up to 300 samples and 140 slides per hour. With connectivity, samples are loaded at one or more entry points allowing workloads to be more evenly distributed among the modules, ultimately increasing uptime over the life of the analysers.

Individual DxH 800 and 600 stand-alone units are ideal for labs looking to utilise a smaller footprint without sacrificing workflow efficiency. 

Built-in workflow automation

In combination with AIM technology, the DxH Workcell’s unique bi-directional sample transport system automatically distributes samples between the analysers, reducing potential delays in sample testing and the reporting of results. The system also allows for critical STAT samples or body fluids to be added while the workcell is running, without the need to interrupt routine sample testing.

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User-defined decision rules for auto-rerun and reflex testing further improve workflow and reduce turnaround time (TAT). The DxH data management system with upgraded software consolidates information for order entry, results review (able to handle up to 90,000 results) and Quality Control management (with a storage capacity for 30 control files, each with 150 runs per instrument). Additionally, the Single Aspiration Pathway on the DxH 800, DxH 600 and the DxH Slidemaker Stainer (SMS) eliminates time consuming mode-to-mode calibration issues. 

Detecting and counting abnormal cells, particularly if they occur in low frequency, depends on the quality of the blood films produced. With the automated Beckman Coulter DxH Slidemaker Stainer included in the configuration, user-defined decision rules drive automated slide preparation and staining, without the need for manual intervention. It provides a more reliable and consistent smear quality regardless of the blood consistency. In addition, the instrument is easy to configure and requires minimal maintenance.

The LEAN design principles incorporated into the DxH SMS benefit your laboratory by lowering costs, increasing productivity and quality, and delivering services in a timely manner. It is easy to make and stain smears from: 

Capped whole blood sample tubes (via automatic cassette or single-tube mode); open-top tubes (single-tube mode); paediatric whole blood sample tubes (via automatic cassette or single-tube mode).

Additionally, product solutions beyond traditional cellular analysis provide labs with the option of handling the white blood count (WBC) differential through Beckman Coulter’s exclusive HematoFlow technology.* This uses multi-colour monoclonal antibody technology coupled with flow cytometric analysis to accurately count cells that cannot be identified by conventional haematology analysers or even morphological examination. By focusing on providing laboratories with advanced analytics, labs are empowered to:

Improve first pass review; reduce manual differentials and slide reviews; increase workflow efficiency; reduce turnaround time; improve sample handling; save time with electronic QC submission; free up highly skilled staff to focus on more essential tasks; accommodate multiple tube sizes; obtain unparalleled quality of results; reduce overall costs.

Beckman Coulter’s scientific leadership and legacy of advancing haematology innovation empowers labs by offering technology that lowers manual review rates, provides true standardisation, optimises end-to-end workflow and increases efficiency. In the end, these solutions aid faster and better diagnosis, and allow physicians access to the information they need to begin treatments earlier and to provide answers with more confidence to those who matter the 

most – patients.

*The UniCel DxH Connected Workcell and HematoFlow are not available in all geographies. Beckman Coulter, the stylised logo, Coulter, DxH and UniCel are trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc., and are registered with the USPTO. HematoFlow is a trademark of Beckman Coulter, Inc.