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Management of severe symptomatic aortic stenosis in the age of COVID-19: A key paper summary

The care of patients with aortic stenosis (AS) globally has been turned topsy-turvy in the world of COVID-19. Most hospitals have put elective procedures on hold, despite the fact that non-treatment puts these patients at greater risk of mortality/cardiovascular deterioration (Smith) and that elderly patients with AS are a high-risk group for infection with the virus.

The post-COVID-19 care of these patients face challenges that affect patients, health systems, personnel and providers:

  • There are many more patients on the waiting list than there were pre-pandemic
  • Hospital resources are impaired, e.g. there are COVID-19 patients who occupy hospital beds, and there is an overload of non-COVID-19 patients who are awaiting treatment. There is a requirement to maximise organisational and economic efficiencies
  • Staff may still be recovering, or slow to return from diverted responsibilities
  • There may be a lack of clinical specialists or supplies

Read the key paper summary showing TAVI as the treatment of choice for all-risk ssAS patients carries even greater benefits during and post-COVID-19.