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Hospital Healthcare Europe
Hospital Healthcare Europe

Abbott published new research as part of its multi-year global research initiative, Beyond Intervention, finding one crucial truth: the patient experience is not as good as healthcare leaders think it is.

This white paper—a culmination of data from over 1,800 patients, physicians and healthcare leaders in 13 countries—focuses on the challenges that arise within the earliest stages of the vascular patient journey; in this white paper you will learn about:

1) Key challenges in symptom recognition and diagnosis that impact patient and physician experience;

2) Health equity influence on access to care, emotional impact and physician-patient relationships;

3) Expectations your healthcare leader peers have related to adoption of technologies that can alleviate some of these core issues.

As a critical time in shaping how healthcare will be delivered and received in future years, understanding drivers of patient experience is more important than ever before. Download the white paper to learn more about these issues and potential solutions related to coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral artery disease (PAD) patients around the world.

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